A Good Employee Isn’t Good Enough – Have You Built Your Team By Design?

Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere.

~ Ronald Reagan

A warm body in the seat or even an excellent, dedicated employee is NOT all that you need. You need specific people to fill each distinct role in your organization to achieve its goals. You need a FINDER, GRINDER, and MINDER, or you must have the resources available to you to cover these three vital business responsibilities. With this winning formula, you can realize any size of business that you envision.

Within a team, it is necessary for the individual team members to have complementary strengths, not the same strengths, thereby allowing the team to maximize their potential and cover all of the work that needs to be done. Any successful team effectively utilizes three types of team members: FINDERS, GRINDERS, and MINDERS. FINDERS initiate new business by identifying prospects and convincing them to do business. GRINDERS implement what has been sold by preparing the proposals, financial strategy, and opening the accounts. MINDERS maintain the business, interact with clients, and solidify the relationships, personally and professionally, through exceptional proactive service.

To be good at what they do, FINDERS, GRINDERS, and MINDERS need to use different strengths. These strengths can be identified and demonstrated in our DISC Map. The DISC Map provides an overview of a person’s natural strengths in relationship to the four distinct aspects of the DISC Model:

Dominance: How one responds to problems and challenges
Influence: How one responds to the interaction with people and persuades them to their point of view
Steadiness: How one responds to the pace of the environment and change
Compliance: How one responds to standards and procedures set by others

When we work with teams, we help FINDERS, GRINDERS, and MINDERS work together by providing our DISC Map Summary. To stay highly energized in the work you do and to do it well, you cannot try to be all three. It is best to stay primarily in one or two areas, at most.

FINDERS usually have HIGH D and/or HIGH I strengths. HIGH D people are energized by challenges, can overcome objections, and are very results-oriented, assertive self-starters. HIGH I people are energized by verbal/social interaction, can motivate and inspire, and are persuasive, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

GRINDERS usually have HIGH C and HIGH D or HIGH S strengths. HIGH C people are driven by accuracy and perfection, have high quality standards, and are very detail-oriented, analytical, and well disciplined. HIGH D people, in addition to the previously mentioned characteristics, have a strong sense of urgency, are decisive, and excel at problem-solving. HIGH S people have strong listening skills, will follow up and follow through on responsibilities, are methodical and organized, and will bring stability to a situation.

MINDERS usually have HIGH S and/or HIGH I strengths. In addition to the qualities listed above, HIGH S people are process-driven, can build long-term relationships, and are very patient, reliable, and loyal. HIGH I people, in addition to the previously mentioned characteristics, have a desire to be seen as trustworthy and are natural mediators and negotiators.

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Results-Driven Solutions: A Good Employee Isn’t Good Enough – Have You Built Your Team By Design?

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