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Know Service. Connect with Clients. Shape Your Future. Differentiate You!

Know Service book thumbnailby Sarah E. Dale and Krista S. Sheets, published by Boundless Publishing.

This 195 page “how-to” book reviews an easy-to-follow 5-step process and includes dozens of sample letters, scripts, checklists, and tools to help financial professionals attract and retain ideal clients and take their businesses to new heights.

For more information read Making the Case for 5-Star Service by Krista Sheets and Sarah Dale.

Price: $55.00

Know Service Tool Kit

Know Service Tool Kit(Electronic Download)

Our book, Know Service provides over 55 tools intended for financial professionals who want to increase their professionalism and take their business to new heights. The companion tool kit is a convenient electronic download designed to help you put these tools to work for your team.

Price: $25.00

Practice Management New Client Onboarding Resource

Team Communications Tool Kit(Electronic Download)

Onboarding is the bridge for financial advisors to deliver on the expectations and commitments made during the prospecting phase. This is one of your first opportunities to ensure that your words and actions are consistent. This 27-page resource provides the following tools to implement a 6-12 month new client onboarding campaign:

  • Tips for Successful Client Onboarding
  • Sample Welcome Packet
  • Team Welcome Letter Template
  • Service Associate Welcome Letter Template
  • Commitment Agreement Meeting Script
  • Getting to Know You Template
  • Sample Service Commitment and Expectations Agreements
  • Statement Follow-Up Communication Script
  • Web Account Access Letter Template
  • Accurate Reporting Letter Template
  • Important Documentation & Introduction to Estate Planning Script
  • Sample Estate Planning Account Tracking Tool
  • Suggested Client Feedback Questions & Survey Process
  • New Client Checklist

Price: $40.00

Practice Management Team Communication Plan

Team Communications Tool Kit(Electronic Download)

Communication is the lifeline of a team’s productivity. Our Practice Management Team Communication Plan provides you with the structure that your team needs to effectively exchange vital information about your practice and clients. Included are:

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Team Meeting Agendas
  • Partner Meeting Agenda, if applicable
  • Team Prioritization Strategy Development
  • Team Charter Code of Conduct Development
  • Team Communication Checklist

Price: $25.00

Practice Management Time & Task Management Resource Kit: Creating Your Ideal Schedule

Team Communications Tool Kit(Electronic Download)

Time is an increasingly precious asset that we all struggle to capitalize on. This kit will help you think through the ideal schedule for you and your team members so that you feel more productive and less stressed by the 24 hours that we are each gifted each day. Included is a 6 Step Process to:

  1. Assess where you are currently spending your time
  2. Define what’s important (establish goals and activities)
  3. Create your ideal day (Sample Time Block Schedule provided)
  4. Replicate and extend your day into a week, month, etc.
  5. Communicate your schedule
  6. Activate your new time block schedule; measure and adapt as necessary

Price: $25.00

Practice Management Client Meeting Resource Kit

Practice Management Client Meeting Resource Kit(Electronic Download)

This resource package is designed to help you and your team structure a simple process for client meetings to help increase efficiency and ensure that client meetings run like clockwork. This 16-page resource provides the following tools to implement client meeting consistency and effectiveness:

  • Sample Client Meeting Process
  • Sample Letters to Schedule and Confirm Appointments
  • Sample Meeting Agenda
  • Sample Checklists to Prepare for and Conduct Meetings
  • Organic Growth Opportunity Form Template
  • Client Discovery Form Template
  • Sample Letters to Follow Up on Client Meeting

Price: $25.00