Please complete this form to request the Talent Insights DISC and Motivators Assessments for your team members. After all assessments have been completed, we will also compile a Team Summary of the results (for a sample, click here).

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    Please note: There is a $100 fee (per person) for the Talent Insights DISC and Motivators Assessments and a $35 fee (per team) for the Team Summary.

    Please describe your purpose for going through this initiative.

    Special Requests/Notes

    We strongly encourage discussing assessment results as a group, and our Certified Analysts are available by telephone appointment to explain the reports in detail. Our firm consults exclusively with those in the financial services industry and specializes in practice management. We use assessments as the foundation of our work in helping individuals and teams. Please note: The fee for the 90-minute team debrief session is $300.

    The Team Assessment / Consultation Process:
    1. Please submit this form to request your team members’ assessments.
    2. Paragon Resources will confirm billing information with the designated Contact Person and email assessment access links to the team members.
    3. Please allow 1-2 business days (after all assessments have been completed) for Paragon Resources to compile the Team Summary and (if requested) schedule the 90-minute team debrief session with the designated Contact Person.
    4. A Certified DISC & Motivators Coach from Paragon Resources will lead the team session by facilitating a discussion of the reports and Team Summary as well as answering individual questions to interpret the results (if requested).
    5. Paragon Resources will email an itemized invoice to the designated Contact Person.

    Interested in scheduling a team debrief session?

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